Walton, Leicestershire, LE17 5SA

Walton, Leicestershire, LE17 5SA

Date of visit: 8th February 2020

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Walton is a village in the county of Leicestershire in the English Midlands, south of Leicester and west of Market Harborough. The village has a pub named The Dog and Gun.

According to the local population the Village is supposedly haunted by at least 4 ghosts. Including the appearance of the hanging body of a local person, that has been spotted by motorists driving out of the village at night, in one of the large trees on the roadside. Also the village’s pub, the Dog and Gun, is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a dog who has been spotted by many pub-goers walking around the bar.

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Location – UK Postcode LE17 5SA
Location – OS Grid Ref: 459559, 287106
Location – Latitude / Longditude: 52.478641, -1.124491
Location – Northing / Westing 52°28’43.1″N 1°07’28.1″W