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Whitbourne, Herefordshire, WR6 5RR

Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3DL

Lyonshall, Herefordshire, HR5 3LF

Broxwood, Herefordshire, HR6 9JQ

Almeley, Herefordshire, HR3 6LF

Woonton, Herefordshire, HR3 6QN

Weobley Marsh, Herefordshire, HR4 8RL

Weobley, Herefordshire, HR4 8SU

Dilwyn, Herefordshire, HR4 8HS

Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8AR

Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8QU

Leinthall Earls, Herefordshire, HR6 9TR

Leinthall Starkes, Herefordshire, SY8 2HP

Upper Lye, Herefordshire, HR6 9SZ

Lower Kinsham, Herefordshire, LD8 2HW

Cross of the Tree, Herefordshire, SY7 0EE

Lingen, Herefordshire, SY7 0ED

Munslow, Shropshire, SY7 9EY

Orwell, Cambridgeshire, SG8 5QS

Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6NT

Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6QG

Barrington, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7QY

Barrington, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7RL

Foxton, Cambridgeshire, CB22 6RN

Thriplow, Cambridgeshire, SG8 7QX

Newton, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7PN

Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4XF

Sawston, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3GT

Sawston, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3XE

Pampisford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3ES

Duxford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4QR

Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1RA