Croft, Leicestershire, LE9 3EG

Croft, Leicestershire, LE9 3EG

Date of visit: 26th January 2020

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Croft is a village in Leicestershire, England, off the old Fosse Way and straddling the River Soar. Nearby places include Stoney Stanton, Broughton Astley, Huncote and Narborough.

It is local tradition that the parish stone pit at Croft, known as the Clevis, was originally a first-century Roman granite quarry used in the construction of the foundations and bridges of the Fosse Way.

Fenn states that the place-name Croft was first recorded in 836, and is derived from the Old English cræft, “craft, a machine, engine”. The craft in question could perhaps be that of quarrying.

The occasion in 836 was an assembly at Croft when King Wiglaf of Mercia was joined by Archbishop of Canterbury Ceolnoth and eleven of his bishops and three abbots, besides twenty-two laymen of authority and influence. They gathered to witness the grant of land by Wiglaf to the monastery of Hanbury.

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Location – UK Postcode LE9 3EG
Location – OS Grid Ref: 451136, 295964
Location – Latitude / Longditude: 52.559118, -1.247138
Location – Northing / Westing 52°33’32.8″N, 1°14’49.7″W