Upper Boddington, Warwickshire, NN11 6DP

Upper Boddington, Warwickshire, NN11 6DP

Date of visit: 10th January 2020

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Boddington was almost certainly founded in Anglo-Saxon times. The spelling of Boddington has changed over the centuries. In the Domesday Book it is given as Botendon. A survey of Northamptonshire from the 12th century gives the name as Bottelendon, while The Calendar of Close Rolls from 1244 states the name as Budinton. Documents from 1358, 1396 and 1428 give the names as Botyngdon, Botyndoun and Botyngdon respectively. Some 19th-century maps name the parish Bodington, with only one “d”. Ideas concerning the origin of the name vary greatly; the Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names says that it is derived from “The hill of a man called Bota”.

The two villages of Upper and Lower Boddington may have been separate in their early history, but were officially merged into a single parish by an Act of Parliament in 1758. The population of the village can be traced back through the national censuses as far back as 1801. In the 19th century, the population appears to have fluctuated considerably, rising from 476 in 1801 to 926 in 1851, then declining to 487 by 1901. The 2001 census gives the population of the parish as 700.

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Location – UK Postcode NN11 6DP
Location – OS Grid Ref: 448297, 253446
Location – Latitude / Longditude: 52.177164, -1.295121
Location – Northing / Westing 52°10’37.8″N 1°17’42.5″W