Map key

Information is always being added or edited on the maps, and nothing should be taken as fixed in stone. Indeed even boxes with a listed status are being removed. These maps are only a guide, they are my best effort on helping others find boxes.


The little blue Icons
If I have located a box on Google street-view / Map interrogation or have been told about via communications from other people (where stretview doesn’t exist), then a small blue icon will appear like the example below:

The Phonebox icons
Where I have visited a location and found a box, then the little blue icon will be swapped out for an appropriate box symbol, and in the colour of the box at the time of the visit:

Other examples show K8 boxes and or K6 boxes found to be a differing colour

The Removed Box Icon
The list of removed boxes is a rather problematical subset of boxes in that this website is not here to tell people about the lost and removed boxes from yesteryear, its primarily about what I have visited. So the only boxes shown as removed fall into the following criteria:

  • I though there was box there because it was shown on Google street-view, but upon visitation it was gone
  • Other have tried to visit the box as shown on Google street-view and found it removed
  • Google street-view itself has a newer set of images that show it removed (lost opportunity)
  • So the list is really about what one can see on Google Street-view and what’s been removed since. These in my mind were opportunities lost, Boxes removed in the 1990’s and earlier were never an opportunity and as such don’t play part of my aims.

    Removed Boxes are shown with the following symbol:

    Detailed information

    Once a box has been visited, I add a page to the site about that box with images and location information, one can access these by clicking the image in the pop up for each icon on the maps (see below) I have also included location information on the pop up.